外国人対象 接客マナー研修(海外/国内 出張可能)
Customer Service Etiquette Training for Foreigners (Domestic & Foreign Dispatch Available)

“Japanese Customer Service”

一流とよばれる「日本の接客マナー」ですが、世界の常識とは大きく異なります。 日本の「接客接遇」を海外で取り入れたい! 日本国内で働く外国人スタッフに「日本の常識やマナー」を身につけさせたい! そんなお気持ちはありませんか?

The world-class “Japanese Customer Service” differs greatly from what is common sense throughout the world.
Do you want to spread Japanese hospitality across the globe?
Do you want to help your foreign staff working in Japan to internalize Japanese customs and manners?
If so, this course is for you.

日本人スタッフを育てるのと、外国人スタッフを育てるのでは文化や背景に配慮することはもちろん、考え方やアプローチも異なります。トゥルースには外国人客室乗務員の育成はもちろん、天皇皇后両陛下・首相特別便乗務経験など トップクラスの実績豊富な元CA講師が多数在籍しており、国家間の儀礼上のルールである国際儀礼(プロトコル)指導も行っております。

Whether training Japanese staff or foreign staff, it is important to take into account differences in background and culture, and to choose a different approach accordingly.
At TRUTH, we not only train foreign cabin crew, but our lecturers include many cabin attendants with extensive top-class track records, having served clients including on the Emperor and Empress of Japan and the Prime Minister's private vessels, to give you the highest quality training in cross-global and international etiquette, rules, and protocol.

対応言語は 「英語」 および 「中国語」 実際に指導を経験してきた優秀な日本人講師と異文化を十分に理解した外国人講師がタッグを組んで、必要な日本式「マナー」をお伝えします。

Our trainers will provide coaching in a broad curriculum, covering topics from attire and personal appearance to basic customer service manners, business manners, dining etiquette, cultural appreciation and communication.
Training is available in English and Chinese. We combine the broad experience of our Japanese lecturers with the multicultural fluency of our foreign lecturers in a tag-team setting to provide an essential understanding of Japanese-style business "etiquettes."


Overseas and local trainings

海外、地方への出張も可能です。 東京/大阪では会場をご用意することも可能です。

Overseas and local trainings are available. We can also organize training locations in Tokyo and Osaka.
Please feel free to inquire.
(Inquiries are accepted in Japanese, or by e-mail in English and Chinese (traditional or simplified.)
Contact info@truth-human.com. (Responses may take 2-3 business days.)

Training Program

研修プログラム 1時間:要応相談
・接客マナー (表情、挨拶、身だしなみ、立居振舞)研修

Training Program (Consultation / Hour)
・ Cultural Appreciation / Business Etiquette Training
・ Customer Service Manner Training (Expression, Greetings, Personal Appearance, Composure)
・ Training to Increase Femininity (Makeup, Walking / Posture)
・ Beautiful Japanese Training (Phrasing & Diction)
・ Japanese Hospitality Training (Tea Service & Reception)
*Program contents are customized to meet your needs.
Mystery shopper and monitoring survey services are also available.